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School Features

Our school buildings

A.Physical Layout

Our school buildings are aligned so that the main entrance faces east on Hai-An Rd.; the administrative offices face the main entrance, allowing administrative operations to be handled efficiently with minimum disturbance to the teaching areas.

Teaching areas Include regular classrooms, specialized classrooms, and administrative offices. The layout is arranged so that noise from the playground and activity areas does not disturb classroom areas.
Athletic areas Include playground and athletic courts. The athletic areas are located on the west side of the campus so that they do not cause interference to the classroom areas.

B.Spatial Design

  1. Classrooms are aligned in a south-north direction, with balconies that serve as walkways on both sides of the classroom buildings. Awnings have been installed to provide optimum protection from the elements, moderate the temperature, increase recreational area, and shelter students when they are doing cleaning chores.
  2. Specialized classrooms are concentrated on the fourth and fifth floors so that they are separated from the noise-restricted classroom area.
  3. Because audio-visual labs and computer rooms are frequently used facilities, they are located in the more accessible central area.
  4. Classrooms are assigned so that lower grades are closer to the ground floor.
  5. Classrooms are separated from the off-campus roads by dividers or flower beds to reduce noise.
  6. On each floor, there are handicapped-accessible restrooms, wash basins, urinals, and toilets are equipped with railings.
  7. Handicapped-accessible ramps have been installed on the ground floor, and a special elevator can reach each floor of the building.
  8. The front schoolyard can be combined with the entry plaza to provide an area for student assemblies and presentations.

Creating a campus where everyone enjoys reading/ Striving to enhance students’ reading and writing ability

Reading corners have been created in every classroom, and reading groups have been set up to encourage students to write reports on the material they have read. Students also write daily reports on “How I Feel Today," described in the parent-teacher manual. Message boards have been installed in the hallways throughout the teaching buildings, and the best messages from each class are posted on the boards, so that students can learn from one another.

“No student left behind"—implementation of remedial instruction in every field

We have implemented the “Three in One" project to promote the concept that counseling is part of teaching. In addition to the remedial instruction in every field, first-graders also receive remedial instruction in phonetics.

Promotion of Physical Education: strengthening students’ physical fitness, and building a healthy body and mind

We promote morning exercise, the “little swimmers" project, the “passport to sports skills," and exercise in general, so as to strengthen students’ physical fitness, develop a healthy body and mind, and promote well-balanced development.

The Chairperson of the Parents Association wholeheartedly supports education at our school

Mr. Zhong Wen-zheng, the former chairperson of the Parents Association in the 2001,2002, and 2003academic years, is known for his commitment to charities and his personable style. During his tenure, he fully supported a variety of activities and projects and helped to fund the school operations. He has truly set an outstanding example for the community.

Under the leadership of Mr. Zhong, both the number of members in the Parents Association and the donations by the association hit a record high. This demonstrates the deep respect and admiration for Mr. Zhong among association members.

He helped to fund:

1and 2) computerization of the school (turning it into an “e-campus"), including the equipping of every classroom with a computer

3)an audio-visual lab,

4)a public address system,

5)an outdoor sound system,

6)a Karaoke system (with Mr. Zheng-da Tsai, the vice chairman of the parents association),

7)refrigerators, drinking fountains, stereo systems and other equipment,

8)installment of a stainless steel awning in the kindergarten activity area, and

9)rewards for winning prizes outside school.

Developmental Priorities in the Future

  1. Put our school’s guiding principles into practice; provide a healthy, warm, and harmonious campus.
  2. Improve our teaching facilities, create a greener, more pleasant campus, and implement environmental education.
  3. Build new school buildings and set enrollment limits in response to the increasing number of students.
  4. Implement holistic education, deal with challenges, and carry out projects to develop staff talent.
  5. Develop a school-centered curriculum, which is rooted in the local culture but connected to the world.
  6. Actively promote reading projects for schoolchildren and develop skills they can take with them.
  7. Set up a variety of student clubs that fully develop the multiple intelligences possessed by our students.